Reflection paper on Michael Patrick MacDonad’s autobiography

Read and write a reflection paper on Michaels Patrick MacDonald’s autobiography, All souls. Do not try to use the techical language of trauma. Using your own words, identify and consider the following:
~traumatic stressors (e.g violence, poverty,loss etc) and their sources (e.g. random, familial, cultural, etc. be specific)
~characteristic coping style and strenghts Michael (and others) bring to deal with the stressors (e.g humor,  optimism, altruism etc.)
~signs of post-traumatic stress and under what circumstances they arise (e.g. deppresion, anger, detachmet etc.)
~supports the characters use to cope with traumatic stress (e.g family,friends,church etc.)
~your own response to the stresses and strenghts that you have noted (e.g sorrow,anger,admiration, etc)