Reflection Essay

Attached is some of the writings I submitted for Social Welfare

Considering everything we have discussed throughout the course, what two social policies have impacted your life or the life of someone you know?  For this assignment, write a 1-2 page reflection paper discussing your thoughts and experiences with both of the chosen policies.  Please include a short summary of the selected policies and their significance.  Be sure to use APA formatting and include in-text citations when referring to the policy from the readings

Grading Rubric for Reflective Essay
Deficient 0-
16 points
Needs Improvement 17-
21 points
Proficient 22-
25 points
Discussion of
the specific
chosen policies
Information about the social
welfare policies is not
acceptable; Directions were
ignored and information
about the policies were not
Outline of the social welfare
policies are inadequate; Ideas
are inadequate or do not relate
to selected policies; Only one
policy is discussed.
Outline of the social
welfare policies are clear;
Ideas are appropriate and
clearly highlight selected
Discussion of
the ways the
policies apply to
Ideas and connections to
policies are not addressed;
Connections made were
completely inappropriate.
Ideas are inadequately
explained or are inappropriate;
Personal connections are
inappropriately discussed;
Connections made to only one
Ideas are appropriate and
clearly demonstrate a
connection to the selected
policies; Personal
connections are
appropriately discussed.
Writing Style:
Proper grammar
and professional
Use language that in
unsuitable for the audience
and purpose, with little or
no awareness of sentence
Use basic but appropriate
language, with a basic sense
of voice, some awareness of
audience and purpose and
some attempt to vary sentence
Use stylistically
sophisticated language
that is precise and
engaging, with notable
sense of voice,
awareness of audience
and purpose, and varied
sentence structure.
Ideas are
organized and
expressed clearly
Writing is unclear and
disorganized. Thoughts
ramble and make little
sense. There are numerous
spelling, grammar, or
syntax errors throughout the
Writing is unclear and/or
disorganized. Thoughts are not
expressed in a logical
manner. There are more than
five spelling, grammar, or
syntax errors per page of
Writing is clear, concise,
and well organized with
construction. Thoughts are
expressed in a
coherent and logical
manner. There are no
more than three spelling,
grammar, or syntax errors
per page of writing.
Total /1