Reading Summary Article 7

All of the HBR Articles focus on some element of strategy.  Some, published long ago, are considered classics in understanding strategy. The goal of the summary is to pick up the key issues, to think about how it might apply in todays organizations, to translate it in the MarkStrat environment as well as Palmatiers Four Principles.  You may not be able to answer all of the questions listed below for every article so you will explain why you cannot.  For example, Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt may be difficult to apply to MarkStrat directly.  The question to answer is Why?You can treat the summary as responding to these 8 questions?

1.  What are the key points of this article?
2.  How does this article change or modify our view of Marketing Strategy?
3.  What example does the author(s) use to exemplify their position?
4.  Can you think of a current example that would exemplify this article?
5.  How might this article impact long-term thinking in an organization?
6.  How might this article impact short-term thinking in an organization?
7.  Within which of Palmatiers Four Principles does this article fit? Why?
8.  Can, or are, these strategies represented in MarkStrat? Why or why not?

Book tittle:
HBR’s 10 must read
On Strategic Marketing