Radio One, Inc

Using the PDF Document “Radio One” follow the format below and answer the questions in essay format:

1. (Profile)
– Case Description
– What does Radio One, Inc proposes (if anything)
2. Background of the issue
– What are they wanting to do?
– Why do they want to do it?
– What do they hope to accomplish?
3. Description of the Path of the Solution
– What analysis needs to be performed?
– What information is needed for the Analysis?
– How will the analysis be performed?
4. Financial Analysis
– What process did you perform?
– What steps were necessary to perform your Analysis?
– What did the Financial Analysis Conclude?
5. Conclusion
– What is your conclusion?
-What is your recommendation for the case?
-Other information

Include a table of contents at the beginning of the essay and include any references at the end of the essay.

*Please show how to do math work by showing both mathematical equation and excel equation format. 

Attached excel files “Radio-One-Calculations1562327003 (1).xls” and “2nd excel file.xls” are possibly related to the assignment and may be used for assistance.

Attached word document, “Radio one word extra info.docx” may be related and use for assistance.