R Assignment

A director of research at an acute care hospital observes an increase in hospital lengths of stay (los). The director determines that this is harmful to patients as well as financially harmful to the hospital. The dataset hospital1 contains data on a study the director conducted to determine what factors are related to longer lengths of stay.

Refer to your textbook and also the R screencast videos on this module’s lecture page for examples.

Calculate a t-test to test the null hypothesis that patients above and below the age of 80 (age80) have equal lengths of stay (los).
Using the describeBy() function in the psych package, create a table comparing “agecat” to “los.” Interpret the findings you see. Which group has the highest mean/average length of stay (los)?
Use ANOVA to test if these differences are significant.
Can you reject the null hypothesis? Explain how you know.
Conduct a TukeyHSD post-hoc to compare groups.
Which groups are significantly different?
Using the cor.test() function, test for a relationship between “los” and instrumental activities of daily living (tiadlmean).
Copy your table and findings to a Word document; use size-10 Courier font.
Upload your findings.

Upload your data table and your findings by the deadline posted on this page.
Your work should be submitted in a Word document with 10-point Courier font.
This assignment will be graded on the basis of completion.