Question essay

In your essay you should craft a coherent argument that makes good use of assigned readings and material presented in lecture.  References to the readings should be informally but properly cited. For example: (Schoppa, p. 35); and no use of other than assigned readings is permitted.
Question 1:  Chinese Society and its Important Bonds (60% – Approximately 4-5 pages)
In the earlier sections of this course, we studied the various bonds that held Chinese society together in the Qing period.  Some were directly related to Confucian values: The bond between parent and child, the bond between emperor and official, the bond between husband and wife, the bond between teacher and student.  Others, such as the bond between landlord and tenant, were less a Confucian value and more a product of the Qing social and economic order.  (And of course, the Confucian bonds mentioned above were also influenced by that social and economic order.)  Choose three of these bonds and describe their power and nature in the Qing period, then describe their fate in the twentieth century.