Psychology concepts

Choose five concepts, theories or ideas from any of those covered in this course.

Write a paper of 6-8 pages in which you explain how your five chosen concepts apply to or affected your development in life.

For example, you might choose the concept of parenting styles and describe how your parents parenting style affected you, or you could choose to describe how you parent your own children.

Requirements: Please print a copy.

6 8  double spaced pages

Clearly and concisely covers your topic.  Do not fill space with unnecessary words; I would rather you not meet the length requirement than have you fill space with flowery language.

You must use correct grammar and spelling.  Points will be deducted for spelling and grammar errors.

Use references that support your topic.  You should use this course’s textbook as a reference for this paper.  You may also use web addresses (again no Wikipedia or other Wikis), journals, other textbooks, popular magazines, etc. Full Credit is given for APA style.