Project 3 Historical Photographers Paper

Project 3 Historical Photographers Paper

all the instruction are in the attachment file so makes sure check everything you have to see all the three parts of the videos.

View the selected videos from the Photographic Processes Series and all three parts of the History of American Photography included both Modules 5 and 6. I want to show you the project assignment early so you can think about what you want to write about as you view the videos.  You should have an opinion about who you felt were inspirational or exemplary photographers. These are the men and women who showed us pictures of what our world looked like and adopted the technology of their time to create those images.

Write a two page paper, in your own words, comparing and contrasting two photographers you felt were notable in the movie segments. This opinion paper should be written in an essay format with an introduction paragraph, paragraphs supporting your ideas, and a conclusion paragraph. Look at their photographs and tell me what YOU think about them and why (similar to what we do when critiquing and analyzing photos). What do their photographs have in common? What makes each photographer unique? What impact has their work had on you? I do not want any biographical information! I want you to form your own opinions and explain your opinions. Your reference page needs to include the videos the photographers are from (optional: you may also use other sources from the library and the library’s online databases, but this is not required). On the third page, insert one photograph made by each photographer chosen, that represents their work. On the fourth page, cite your sources. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! I use TurnItIn to check for plagiarism. If you are caught you will be reported and face possible Dismissal from FCC! With this on your student record it can become virtually impossible to be accepted into another school. Don’t ruin your life by cheating.

What to turn in here on Canvas:

Label your file: Lastname_Firstname_HistoricalPhotographersPaper
Turn in a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format file using Times 12 pt font, double spaced, one inch margins, aligned left (not center aligned or right aligned), insert a header for your name, your paper should start with the title (do not add my name, the class, semester, etc.).
Your file should have four pages total:  two pages of text, one page of images and one reference page.
Here are a couple of websites to see video citation examples:

How do you cite a YouTube video? (Links to an external site.)

MLA Citation Guide (8th Edition): Videos & DVDs