project 168

Project 168

Project 168: Audit Review of your time spent.

Please do a two-week study of your life. Where do you spend most of your time consistently?

Chart time spent. Answer all questions, truthfully under the bold titles (First, provide background information for each subject by answering the questions in each category that is bolded; Time Spent, Habits, Neglect, Self-development, School, Health, Parenting/Sibling/Son/Daughter, Employment, Mentality, Finance, and Other)

Answer these additional questions. What three areas have you identify for change, and you will commit quality-time in the next 60-days to get different results? How might your thinking need to change to move forward? Why?

Provide a paper of 5 to 8 pages including your findings, answering all questions.

Time Spent

How do you spend the majority of your time?

Is it productive to your overall goals? How much does this time spend affect your career aspirations?


What were some strong habits you discovered in your posse?

What were some of the bad habits discovered?


What do you neglect weekly that you like to spend more time developing?

What would you like to enhance? Why? Is there something you like to stop immediately neglecting? Why?

Self Development

How much time do you spend for yourself to develop beyond school-related activities? Why or why not?

Visionary thinking, future planning? Why or why not?

Building Strengths?

Working on Weaknesses?

Self-evaluation for next steps around continuing education, work, and career? Why or why not?

Networking? Why or why not?

Reading? Why or why not?

Working to Release the Past? What’s stopping?


How much time do spend studying?

Do you spend enough time devoted to your major? Minor, if applicable? Why or why not?


How much time do you spend on Health-related activities, exercise, check-ups, eating, mental, physical? Why so much or not?


How time are you present being a Parent, Son/Daughter, Sibling? Why? What can change?


Do you use a lot of your time to promote your agenda? Why or why not?

How much time do you use networking? Why or why not?

How much time do you dedicate going above and beyond the call of duty? Why or why not?

Have you taken the time to self-evaluate your next career goals? Why or why not?


Where do you spend most of your energy in terms of your attitude in a day? positive zone? negative zone? uninspired zone?


How much time do you spend on your personal finances? Why or Why not?

What could you improve in your financial life? Why or why not?


Commuting? Could you maximize this portion of your life by attaching a healthy habit? What is it? Why did you choose?

Reflecting, Meditation, and or Prayer? Is it important to you? Why or why not? How could it benefit you?