presentation brief discussion

presentation brief discussion

Choose one of the most commonly required benefits below:

  • Social Security
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Family Medical Leave Act

As an expert on your selected benefit, record a 15-minute presentation demonstrating your knowledge of the benefit and its related legislation. Imagine you are giving a presentation at an HR training on the history of and functionality of the benefit selected. In your presentation discuss the following:

  1. Overview of benefit
  2. Origin and/or rationale for benefit requirement
  3. Legislations (do not forget to search for any recent laws that impact your selected benefit)
  4. Impact or requirements of Employer in relation to benefit
  5. Impact or requirement of Employee in relation to benefit
  6. Personal critique, observations, or suggestions (feel free to integrate relevant case studies)

The presentation must be between 8 – 10 slides including organized and useful images/data. All presentations should include a voice-over in your presentation to fully explain the material presented in your slides. The presentation must have a minimum of 5 reference sources and should include an APA *Reference Slide and *TitleSlide (*not included in the slide count). Utilize programs like PowerPoint or Kaltura to help you create a professional recorded presentation.


  • Compensation Law:
  • Benefit Law:
  • ERI Economic Research Institute (2020).