Positionally paper

Using our course materials and discussions to date, as well as the sample narrative posted on Canvas as an example, this paper asks you to theorize from your lived experience by reflecting critically upon your positionality and analyze it through an intersectional feminist lens. Your paper must be a minimum of 4 full pages double-spaced in length and follow guidelines for written work. See calendar for due date.

Your paper should address the following questions:

What is your social location along lines of race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, nation, and other axes of identity?
Where does this situate you in the complex matrices of systemic inequality? In other words, which social locations confer/deny you social privilege?
How have the various facets of your social location worked together to inform your experience? In other words, what does an intersectional analysis illuminate for you?
How has your social location informed your knowledge about the world?

Social location
Female, black , heterosexual, middle class, able bodied , American,  from the South