POLS 207

Question 1

Answer BOTH questions.

What is political participation?  Identify four types of political participation from the highest to the lowest.  Explain each type.
Why do we have low voter turnout in the United States? What are the voter suppression practices in the United States?  Explain how they work to reduce participation.

Question 2

There are 2 types of organized participation.  Describe each type and explain the similarities and differences.  What are the attributes that are needed in order to win for each organized participation? 

Question 3

We are currently facing a pandemic of epic proportions.  The executives in our federal system have acted or chose not to act.  Give examples of the actions undertaken by the executive at the federal level (President), state level (Governor) and local levels (County, Cities, School Districts).  Why is the date that the stay at home or shelter in place orders were issued important?  You can use examples from a single state or multiple states.

Bonus question (10 points)

Some countries have done a better job of tackling the Covid-19 crises than others.  Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea took drastic steps at the onset of the crises.  What are some of the measures that they took which helped them to contain infections and deaths.  Currently, Italy and Spain have higher infections and mortalities.  What are their missteps?  Which level of their government made the decisions to undertake those measures.  Based on what you have researched about Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Italy and Spain, what do you predict will happen in Brazil?