Poem analysis

Task: You will choose an English poem to analyze through an essay. You will read the poem and write a 750-1000 word essay (more than 1100 words or less than 700 words, not counting the works cited, will not be accepted)  in a way that shows your ability to do close reading, situate the text within its historical context, and to connect it to our society and your own life.
Your essay will contain a short introduction and conclusion (3-5 sentences each) and three body paragraphs (7-10 sentences each), which will answer these questions:
Paragraph 1: What does the text mean?
How would you summarize and analyze the texts message?
What is the connection between the meaning and the language?
Paragraph 2: What is this texts historical context?
You must include MLA cited research with this!
Consider the triangle from literary theory–what is the significance of / how does it reflect the time it was written / published and the setting (may or not be explicit in a poem)?
Paragraph 3: Why is the text important to you?
Consider the third point of the triangle–how does the current era influence your reading?
Why is it worth reading in 2021 / what impact can it have?
How do you relate to or connect with this poem?
Make sure your introduction has a thesis and claim!
You must include direct quotes from the poem in each paragraph
You must include a works cited page (in MLA format) with MLA in-text citations for the poem you choose and at least 3 external (English, academic) sources
Double space, normal font, make sure you edit