Platos The Apology of Socrates

These are my teacher’s comment about this essay:
Your essay should be approximately 500 words.  This gives you an idea of the length I expect, but I dont count words or pages.  Write the best essay that you can.  Answer all questions in bold.  Please type your essay in MS Word and send it to me by email attachment.  Please dont use any other word processing programs, because I may not be able to open them.
This is not a research assignment.  I strongly recommend that you do not search online for help in writing this essay.  Most of what is online is either junk or simply not relevant for us.
1.    How do we know that Euthyphro had failed to examine what piety is?  And why does it matter that he had failed to do so?
2.    In Platos The Apology of Socrates, what did the oracle at Delphi say about Socrates?  How did Socrates initially react?  What did he then claim to discover about what the oracle meant, and how did he discover it?
3.    Socrates, famously, said the unexamined life is not worth living (page 39 of The Apology of Socrates).  What did those who fear death fail to examine?  How is Socrates different from them on that issue?  How is his discussion of those who fear death, and how he claims to be different from them, an example of what he says the oracle at Delphi meant?
4.    In Socrates examination of Meletus, he shows that Meletus has failed to examine something very important.  So what had Meletus failed to examine?  How do we know he had failed to examine it?  And why does it matter that he failed?