Persuasive presentation

I need a persuasive power point presentation and an outline with proper format.

Persuasive; your purpose may be to change attitudes, values, or beliefs about something.  Your purpose may be to change opinion, or to suggest policy.  Your purpose may be to reframe the audiences view of something, to reinforce their position regarding something, or to inoculate them against possible persuasive efforts from others.  You may ask them to support specific actions or to take action themselves.  You may not try to sell anything or persuade the audience to take a position or action which would lead to real world profit for yourself or anyone else.

Delivery Mode

Extemporaneous; you may speak from either outline or speakers notes, but you will be required to submit a complete, well organized preparation outline.

Delivery is of the utmost importance in persuasive speaking.  If you are not perceived as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and interesting, neither will your topic.  Work on creating a dynamic, energized, and enthusiastic delivery style for this speech.  You will be speaking extemporaneously using your own delivery notes.  You will be graded based upon the assessment form criteria so your ability to connect and communicate directly with the audience will be crucial.

Personal appearance and projected confidence and credibility are a must.  Please refer to your written comments from your previous speeches on enhancing your posture, eye contact, etc., and adjust accordingly.


In the introduction of your speech you want to accomplish the following three tasks: 1) Get the attention and interest of your audience; 2) reveal the purpose and topic of your speech thesis statement; and 3) create bond with the audience.  Be creative experiment with different ideas for getting the audiences attention.


Provide Reasons and Examples and make sure your main points well selected and supported.           

All support material should be appropriate!


Make sure you transition from the body of your speech.  And in the conclusion of your speech you want to accomplish the following three tasks: 1) alert the audience that the speech is ending; 2) summarize your main ideas; 3) motivate your audience to action; 4) and review your main points.