Othello Act 1and Act 2

After you have read ACTS 1 and 2 answer all the questions below in 100 word responses each.


1. What do we learn about Iago and his motivation for his actions in the opening pages of the play?

2. What does Brabantio accuse Othello of and how does Othello respond to this?

3. How does Othello say that he earned Desdemona’s love? Take a close look at his speech beginning with line 130 and ending with line 173 (scene 3). What are some conclusions that can be drawn regarding Othello’s character?

4. Closely examine Iago’s soliloquy at the end of act 1 (beginning line 359). We learn more about Iago’s reasoning for his actions. What do we learn here and what scheme does he devise to bring down Othello?


5. How does Iago treat his wife, Emilia? What does Iago say about Desdemona (and women in general)? This is an important section of this act. Be as specific as you can.

6. What plan does Iago concoct with Roderigo at the end of scene one? Describe this plan in your own words (it begins at the bottom of page 989 and continues to the end of scene one on page 991).

7. How does Iago bring about Cassio’s downfall in scene three? How does Othello react to what happens?

8. After Iago ruins Cassio’s reputation, he pretends to help him regain Othello’s good graces. What does he suggest that Cassio do in order to regain his “reputation”?