Opioid usage for the treatment of chronic pain

In your presentation (PowerPoint, website, or video) you must thoroughly describe the problem you have isolated and your proposed solution or solutions. The solution(s) you propose should be supported by research and logical reasoning. You will also need to visually present (using graphs, charts, tables, etc.) and analyze the results from your statistical analysis (your survey) and use that information to support your points about your problem and/or solution(s).

A strong presentation will include written content, eye-catching visuals and color, and information from at least 3 sources. All media (websites you have built, video you have created, etc.) can be contained/housed within a PowerPoint presentation, but other presentation platforms are acceptable.

If your presentation is a website or housed on a presentation platform, provide a link rather than uploading a file. As a general guideline, websites should be about three pages, videos should be 3-7 minutes, and PowerPoint presentations should include no more than 10-15 slides. Your goal is to be concise and to only include the most interesting, persuasive, and important information.

Presentation Reminders:

Begin your presentation with an introduction and include background information. End your presentation with a conclusion.
Your presentation should contain bulleted points and should be visually pleasing.
Your presentation may include recorded narration.
Consider your audience and use clip-art, animation, color, and fonts that best communicate the information.
Create tables, charts, or graphs to present data from your statistical analysis (survey).
Be sure to analyze the data and show how it relates to and supports the problem and/or solution(s) featured in your presentation.