One page History assignment

Be sure to read the directions carefully and follow them explicitly.

Explain in paragraph form how the three terms in each grouping are connected as it applies to American History. DO NOT USE HEADERS OR TITLES WITHIN OR ABOVE THE PARAGRAPHS. Be sure to include the major event that connects them. If there are sides (for example, Native Americans, French, British, colonials for the French and Indian War), explain the role of these agents and how they responded. Be sure that each term appears in your narratives (meaning in the sentences, not as headers of any sort). USE ONLY YOUR TWO TEXTBOOKS. Citations are not necessary for this Part of the test.

1. Anglican Church, Puritans, North American Settlement (Rely on your American Nations Book for this one)

2. Navigation Acts (1651), Anglo-Dutch War (1652-54), Anglo-Dutch post-war disputes in New York

3. Tobacco and rice, Virginia and South Carolina, slave trade

4. Ohio Valley, French and Indian War, Native Americans

5. No Taxation without Representation, Coercive Acts, First Continental Congress

Once completed, do the following: Underline Each term in your narrative

Remembering your techniques for devising a thesis for the Discussion Board posts, use that style to answer ONE of the following questions in essay form (five paragraphs: Intro, three body paragraphs –one for each supporting point–, and a concluding paragraph which ties back to your thesis. Be sure to use citations for your essay and provide a Work Cited element at the end. USE ONLY YOUR TWO TEXTBOOKS FOR THIS ESSAY

1. How did Yankeedom and Tidewater identities clash philosophically or in practice as they formed distinct British cultures in North America? (Remember, you must establish a specific thesis with three supporting elements. In the Introductory paragraph, both the thesis and the supporting elements must be present in the thesis statement.) Do not forget to provide a clear geographic location for both colonial nations in your essay (probably in the early part of the body). (Keep in mind that Yankeedom and Tidewater did not actually clash in a physical sense such as war but clashed ideologically and philosophically.)

2. Make an argument for the nature of the mobility of Trans-Atlantic slavery as your thesis and devise three phases of that mobility to support your thesis. (Remember, you must establish a specific thesis with three supporting phases that you give appropriate labels. In the Introductory paragraph, both the thesis and the phases must be present in the thesis statement. This essay should be a chronological colonial history of the slave trade (not the actual chronology of a ship full of slaves). This essay should contained participants (nations, kingdoms, etc) in the trade and regions that became focal points of institutionalized slavery. Use both books.

3. Justify an economic cause of the American Revolution (thesis) and define the nature of that cause. Develop three distinct grievances of the colonists that are rooted in separate economic reasons as supporting elements (For example, do not choose more than one grievance that is rooted in taxation taxation being the most obvious of the distinct grievances). Combine these two components (thesis and grievances) into a singular thesis statement within your introduction.