Object Oriented Programming homework

Hi, we firstly have to write a UML-Diagram with an example that we can choose ourselfs. My homework is in German, so it would be nice if the Methods and names would also be in German.
When we have finished the UMl-Diagram we need to send it to our professor. Only if he is fine with the diagram we can implement the UML diagram in our Java software (Eclipse).

The task is to use classes, inheritences, assosiations, modifikators (getters and setters), abstract classes and interface in ONE example.

I would like to test this webpage and see how it works.

So the order should be finished in two steps:
first step: make an UML Diagram
second step after evaluation by professor: Implement the UML in java.

Attached is the task in English.

I can also provide an example we had in class tutorials, if needed.