Nursing-Week 2 Module 2 – Discussion: Quality of Care/Safety Issue

Week 2 Module 2 – Discussion

Please answer the following questions under one post.. Support your answers from the readings this week and site your sources in text and include references at bottom of post.

Following up on the readings and videos for this week. Find a research article on quality of care and/ or a safety issue that impacts your nursing practice. The article should come from a peer-reviewed nursing journal and  be within the last 5 years.

1) Summarize the articles main points.

2) What is the importance of the issue to quality and safety?

3) How does the article support your work?

4) What evidence is provided?

5) What statistics or use of numbers is included?; this is often a powerful incentive in quality and safety science other than a sentinel event.

6) Does it identify costs related to the issue?

7) What solutions does the article propose and are they realistic to implement in practice?