nursing reflection journal

you are required to make a daily reflective journal about professional life as or personal life
use headings for the journal
I provided story to write about
I provided  examples of my journal that made previously in files
the model followed is ROLFE  (what ,so what ,now what )
What :

What? (a description of the event) Excessive request to cover on call shifts
What happened? What did I do? What did others do? What did I feel? What was I trying to achieve? What were the results? What was good or bad about the experience?

So what

So, what? (An analysis of the event)
So, what is the importance of this? So, what more do I need to know about this? So, what have I learned about this? So, what does this imply for me?
Now what

Now what? (Proposes a way forwards following the event)
Now what could I do? Now what should I do? Now what would be the best thing to do? Now what will I do differently next time

each journal 250-300 words only

will need a plan using SMART acronym after finding the common theme among the 6 journals ,this plan must be scholarly evidence based with vancouver referencing to it