NR327 Maternal Child Nursing

NR327 Discharge Teaching Peer Feedback Form V2.docx Revised May20 1

Discharge Teaching Peer Feedback Form

PEER FEEDBACK FORM One of the most valuable contributions you can make to your fellow classmates’ learning is providing constructive feedback. Offering another person your feedback about his or her work indicates that you care enough about that person to spend your time considering his or her situation and that the person’s work is worthy of your attention. This activity will also provide you the opportunity to develop essential skills of giving and receiving feedback, with the goal of enhancing individual and class learning.

• Examine the criteria for each of the items being evaluated.

• Be objective in your evaluation and note the criteria that best meet the quality of the project.

• Indicate your score in the boxes provided.

• The peer feedback scores will be added toward the overall score for the project.

• Please include any comments and suggestions in the area provided.



TOPIC _____________________________________________________________________________________________

TOPIC CHOICES Suggested but not limited to the following

• Baby Hygiene and Cord Care: How, Why, When • Why is My Baby Crying? Soothing a Fussy Baby (Risk for Shaken Baby Syndrome) • Circumcision Do’s and Don’ts • When to Contact Your Pediatrician Versus Calling 911 • What Can I Do to Get My Baby to Sleep? (SIDS Safety Included) • Jaundice, What’s the Big Deal? • Proper Dressing for the Weather: The (Four) Seasons of Baby Appropriate • Baby Spa (Nails, Skin Care, and Diapering) • Engorgement: What? When? How? Why Me? When to Seek Help • Nutrition for Me: Breast Versus Bottle-Feeding: What Does Mommy Need? • Exercise: Not Just for the Waistline—Pelvis Too! • When to Call the Doctor: Mommy TLC