New Forms of Recruiting

Discuss new innovative forms of recruiting that are becoming more popular nowadays. (for example, inclusive job adverts, programmatic advertising, video interviews, freelancer hiring, employer review sites/social media, virtual reality)
talk about which ones are more popular, which ones are more effective, their pros/cons, where/why they are being used, their purpose and how it aligns with certain types of organisations ; give some examples
compare these new ways with more traditional methods of recruitment
talk about whether you think they will eventually overtake the traditional methods of recruitment completely, whether they could be considered more effective than the traditional ones

The essay should follow the common structure:
-Introduction and Motivating the Topic (why it is relevant) -Main Part/Discussion
– Conclusion with personal view/perspective
– Literature Overview

Understand and explain the different strategical approaches within human resource management
Advise on different models of HR practice that are in line with the aim and purpose of the organisation
Recognize common HR policies and processes and how they build up to form a solid and successful HR business plan