Evaluate one of the neurotransmitters covered in this weeks readings.

Explain the role it plays in a neurological or psychological disorder of your choice.
For example, you could choose the dopaminergic (dopamine) system and discuss the role this neurotransmitter has in the development of schizophrenia.

In addition to your evaluation of the specific neurotransmitter and its associated receptor system, discuss how this disorder is thought to involve abnormalities of neuroanatomical structures and neural pathways, as well as the contribution of genetics and environment to the development and clinical management of this disorder.

Also in your discussion, imagine you are in a career position that utilizes a degree in psychology, including but not limited to that of a social worker, teacher or teachers aide, child care worker, psychiatric technician or other behavioral health staff, peer support specialist, social service specialist, probation or parole officer, case manager, or counselor.
How would your knowledge of this information regarding the neurobiology of the neuropsychological disorder help you in your professional life?
How would this knowledge help you better assist your clients, students, or patients?
For instance, think of how this knowledge would help reduce the stigma associated with this disorder, or how this might reinforce the need for compliance with recommended treatment.
You must use a minimum of one peer-reviewed or scholarly source that was published within the last five years