Monotheism: Judaism,Christianity, Islam

Monotheism: Judaism,Christianity, Islam

Choose a topic from your reading (Chapters 1-8). Your topic should be complex but accessible enough to be researched from a variety of sources, and narrow enough to allow you to write effectively about it in the intended length of the assignment. The paper should synthesize your research, not only should you locate information that supports your thesis, but also examine and write your reactions to any opposing ideas.

Students can use their textbook but you must also use at least three additional external sources in your paper and use the MLA in-text citation model when referencing or using your sources. Your sources could include a book, an academic journal, a blog, or a social media site. Also, your sources should be credible. Please review the following link regarding evaluating the credibility of sources: Therefore, the Works Cited Page of your paper should contain no fewer than three sources.

Writing Instructions: One three-five-page paper, MLA Formatted (1500 words maximum). The paper should be double-spaced, with proper MLA formatting including In-text citation, Works Cited Page, and title.

Your Criteria:

A: Accessible: You are able to quickly find source information about your topic.
B: Complex: An understanding of the topic requires utilization of your analytical skills.
C. Synthesize: What are my supporting ideas but opposing opinions

For example:
A. Accessible: Greek gods (Greek Mythology, inspired by readings on chapter 3)
B. Complex: How does Greek Mythology affect 21st America.
C. Synthesize: Greek Mythology plays a major role in the US economy i.e. through the comic book genre and accompanying movies, and through business marketing concepts such as Nike, etc. but some would argue that it has less do with Greek Mythology and more to do with modern marketing and technological innovation.

Tentative Thesis: Greek Mythology continues to impact diverse sectors of the United States economy, specifically through movies, inspiration of marketing concepts and the proliferation of religious pluralism, with minor or insignificant impact from the current technological innovations of the 21sat century.

*Minimum 3 citations!