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You are to use a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed academic journal articles as the basis of your paper. Books are acceptable as a journal article. In addition to these, you may use government websites such as,, etc to demonstrate the data used in your topic. Newspaper articles can be used to describe an example of your topic.

Other websites are not usually acceptable, such as, other .coms, .net, .org, etc. No opinion websites are acceptable. Magazines are not academic sources.

This is not an opinion paper, so the words, “I’, “I think”, “I believe”, “My opinion”, “I agree”, should not appear anywhere in your paper.

Your paper is to be 5 pages long. No excessive margins. 12 point font, and 1.5 line spacing is required. You must submit your paper in a format that can easily be opened such as a word.doc, etc. The bibliography is separate from the body of the text and does not count as one of the five pages. You may add a title page but it is not required.