Mona Lisa Smile

In the movie Mona Lisa Smile, Kathryn Watson came to Wellesley to make a differencenot to fit in. She wanted to use art to bring students to think and see in new ways. What were some of the creative ways she did this?  Critically analyze the impact she had on her students.

Kathryns unorthodox teaching style brought a lot of criticism. Discuss the many ways that she was confronted by voices of criticism and how she overcame them. Relate this to your life, and describe how you could apply these or other tactics to overcome your own voice of criticism.

Consider your experience with education. How much of your education has consisted of teachers pouring things into your mind that you had to pour back out on a test? How many teachers have tried to inspire your mind, open your mind, or expand your mind to think in ways it never has before? Which method of education do you prefer, and why?