Module 5

It is important to communicate opportunities for family engagement in a clear and timely manner to encourage families to attend. For this assignment, you will create a one (1)-page communication handout such as a newsletter or flyer with a listing of upcoming opportunities or activities for family engagement in an early childhood program.

Choose one month of the year to focus on.
Begin with a short introduction that includes:
the importance of family engagement
the benefits for children and families
how family engagement can promote partnerships between families and educators
List at least three opportunities or activities families can participate in during that month. For example, in May families can attend a Cinco de Mayo celebration or volunteer on a field trip.
Each opportunity or activity should include:
a short description
what will children and adults do during the activity
what families are expected to do or bring to prepare for the activity
logistics such as dates, times, locations
Be sure to include and your name and contact information (email or phone number).