Midterm Exam

Identify briefly 4 of the following 7 concepts, processes, or institutions, each in a short essay of a few paragraphs.  Show the relevance of the process, concept, or institution to the comprehension, analysis, and/or interpretation of social movements, civil society, and/or of politics in Latin American countries or elsewhere, making clear the logic of your analysis and illustrating to strengthen your case.

Pick 4 from the 7:
f1. State building and contentious politics
f2. Framing collective action
f3. Lessons from comparing French student movement of 1968 to US Womens movement
f4. The crisis of the Keynsian policy model
f5. Stateness
f6. The Participatory Promise
f7. James Petrass critique of Lula and Constantine Mengess critique of Lula