Microeconomics Application Paper

Writer a paper that identifies and discusses the three (3) most important insights about Principles of Microeconomics ENCU
202. The paper should demonstrate an understanding of microeconomic concepts and practices, your assessment of their implications, and how your thinking and/or behavior has changed. While the paper should focus on your personal learning and important insights, it must be based on course concepts and supported by 3 or more reliable sources.

Microeconomics Application Paper Guidelines
In preparing your paper, reflect and respond to the following:
What were the three most valuable and important insights you gained into microeconomics during ENCU 202? Using your text and/or other expert sources, define, describe and discuss the importance of the insights to you as a manager and/or consumer.
What are the implications of your learning as a manager and/or consumer? How has your behavior and/or thinking changed to integrate your learning?
What specific action(s) will you take to apply insights gained to enhance your professional and/or personal effectiveness?

(PowerPoints of all chapters are attached)