Mental illness

GuidelinesIn approximately 3-4 typed pages (not including the title page) using APA format, you should write an introduction, a thesis statement, a summary of 3 credible sources, and a conclusion.After conducting thorough research on your topic, you will demonstrate how the sources inform you about your problem and how they are connected. The sources included should reflectconsiderable research effort on your part; however, this should not be the end of your research effort. You are expected to continue to research your topic for several more weeks as you develop and refine your message strategy.

What kind of information should I be looking for?Keep your end goal in mind–you want to persuade the audience that your topic is aproblem in your region. Look for sources that provide evidence of the problem. Some general suggestions for types of information from each source are as follows:The peer-reviewed journal article will most likely be about your topic/issue. The journal article will not provide regionalinformation.The newspaper or periodical can be about either your NPO or topic/issue. You will likely find good regional informationfrom this source. Below are suggestions based on your region:oColumbus: ColumbusDispatchoOhio: Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer, CincinnatiEnquireroMidwest: any of the above and Chicago Tribune, ChicagoSun-Times,Indianapolis StaroUnited States: any of the above and The Wall Street Journal, The NewYork Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, TIME,NewsweekThe government, university or research institution is geared toward finding current research and statistics about thetopic/issue.

1.Write an introduction. Read this handout on introductionsfor good reminders.
2.Write a thesis statement. Read this handout on thesis statementsfor tips.
3.List three sources in correct APA format. You mustuse the following sourcetypes:a.1 peer-reviewed academic journalarticleb.1 credible/reputable newspaper orperiodicalc.1 government, university, or research institutionwebsite
4.Under each source, write a one paragraph summary in which you answer the following questions:a.What are the main points of the source? What is its purpose? (Summarize the information.)b.How is the source relevant to your topic? How will the source be useful to you in developing a persuasive argument? How does it connect to the other sources? (Be specific about the type of information provided by thesource.)c.Why is the source highly credible? What arethe authors/organizations qualifications? (Provide personal and/or professionalinformation.)
5.Write a conclusion. Read this handout on conclusionsfor some help.