Megachurches and Community Churches in today’s society

Qualitative Research Plan Outline

Use the qualitative research question you developed in u03d2 as the basis for this assignment.

Refer to your APA Manual to guide the development of this assignment. Use the Quantitative Research Plan Template to complete this assignment. Complete this outline as a narrative.

Include the following sections:

Introduction (12 pages).
Statement of the problem.
Significance of the problem.
Theory (Align the theoretical framework with the methodology.) (12 pages.)
Ethical considerations. (1 page.)
Design and Methods. (12 pages.)
Sampling, data gathering methods.
Reflection. (1 page.)
What was learning experience completing the assignment?
What challenges might you have completing each section?
What was easy/hard? How likely are you to select this approach?

Additional Requirements
Length: 58 pages, not including title and reference page.
Font: New Times Roman, 12 point, double-spaced.
Communication: Write with logic, flow, organization, structure, and in the scholarly lexicon of the profession.
APA: Use correct APA style, format, mechanics, transitions, and proper organization and structure.
References: 57.