Medical Ethics

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1) Making sense of what the Bible tells us about the dignity and purpose of the human being – and taking this into account in regards to ethical choices regarding reproductive technology.

2) Contrasting the views of secular humanism/moral relativism vs. biblical, Christian and Catholic views regarding the ethics of reproductive technology

Assignment Summary (It is important to do these assignments in the order in which they are posted!)

1) Watch video #1 in the youtube video portlet on reproductive technology.

2) Consideration of the ethical questions surrounding reproductive technology.  Read the attached pdf: An insight into IVF.pdf

3) Look at this website to read a good summary of the biblical, Christian and Catholic view of the ethics of reproductive technology:

4) Take a look at this for a contrasting view of IVF:

5) Watch video #2 on a woman’s commentary regarding the use of IVF in her own life.

6) Take a look at this very interesting research on the consequences of IVF for the child: There’s a Surprising Link Between IVF And Intellectual Impairment For The Baby.pdf

7) Read in our course text book, Medical Ethics, chapter 10, pgs. 66 – 71; chapters 25 – 26, pgs. 133 – 143.

8)  View videos #2 and #3 on In Vitro Fertilization and Reproductive Technology in the video portlet below.


1) Name the key ethical issues at stake in the process known as IVF; 2) Discuss how a secular humanist or one who does not believe in the God-given sacredness of human life from the moment of natural conception would view IVF; 3) Name and discuss the Christian and Catholic objections to the process known as IVF, ethically and biblically speaking.  4) What about the child conceived in a test-tube? What is at stake?  Be sure and give an account of your sources used from this unit’s material, as you write your essay.

2) How was this unit’s material helpful to you – professionally speaking – as you think about the ethical choices you are/will be faced with by working in healthcare, in regards to reproductive technology?