M1: R Assignment

Throughout this course we will be using RStudio as our environment for working with the R programming language.

Before you begin this assignment, make sure that you have reviewed the R videos on this module’s lecture page.

When you are ready to begin, complete the following steps for this module’s R assignment:

Install R and RStudio. (If these are already installed on your computer, skip down to Item #2.)
Go to The Comprehensive R Archive  (Links to an external site.)to download and install R for your operating system.
(Links to an external site.)Go to the RStudio download page (Links to an external site.) to download and install the free version of RStudio desktop.
(Links to an external site.)Mac users must complete these two additional steps:
Download and install xquartz. (Links to an external site.)
After you install xquartz, restart your Mac.
To start R, you must open RStudio.
From the Comprehensive R Archive, download and install the SSDforR package.
Download and open the Jenny filePreview the document and complete the following in RStudio:
Use the ABplot() function to create a basic line graph of Jenny’s calling out behavior.
Draw a mean line for this behavior.
Describe any observations that do not seem typical; this should be no more than one page.
Use the ABtext() function to label the baseline.
Upload the following by the deadline posted on this page:

A document with the following information:
The graph of Jenny’s behavior, including the mean line and the labeled baseline.
A description of observed behaviors that do not seem typical (this should be no more than one page).