literacy and language

Writing Sample: Literacy and Language
This short writing assignments invites you to reflect upon your experiences with writing, reading, and communication. There are no right or wrong answers; this is about you, your experiences, and the connections you might make between your existing practices and the types of reading and writing you might do in college.  Here are some questions that might help you think about your experiences.  Your paper should answer as many of the following questions as possible, but feel free to add or deviate where you see fit. Your paper should be a minimum of 2 pages.

What are your initial thoughts about taking this accelerated summer composition course?
In what ways has school been rewarding for you as a learner?  In what ways has it not been rewarding?
What aspects of school do you find most challenging?
How do you feel about reading? Do you enjoy it?  Is it something you have been forced to do?
How do you feel about your own writing? Have you written anything this week? What are the types of writing you usually do?
How did you feel about your previous English classes (either in high school or at LBCC)? Were there any aspects you found particularly interesting?  Are there any areas you wish you had more time practicing material from?
What changes do you think you might have to make in your life to ensure your success in this course and college as a whole?

Your reflection will be graded using the following rubric:

Refers to information presented, ideas, insights, critical thinking & appropriate expression of messages.  Document meets minimum word count (400 words).

Structure: References the order of ideas (sentences, paragraphs, multimedia, etc.) and cohesion of ideas

MLA: Correctly formatted MLA document

Style: Language, sentence types, word choice, voice

Mechanics: spelling, grammar, punctuation, surface errors