Leading A New School

For these assignments, you will be responsible for finding articles published in peer-reviewed journals within the last 5 years. The topic of the articles should be related to diversity in educational leadership, and you should attempt to find articles that correspond to the modules topic being studied. Please avoid using phrases, such as I believe, I think, or I feel, and focus more on using an objective stance. For each assignment, you will read through at least 2 articles (on the same topic) and critique the main thesis of the articles. Critiques can be positive or negative, but they must analyze the overall thesis of the articles rather than summarize the articles. These assignments should have the correct APA reference at the top of the page, should be 12 full pages in length, and should be written in the third person. In addition, provide a clear and succinct conclusion that offers a strong connection between the article thesis and your future role in educational leadership.  Remember to find articles focused on leading a new school as a new administrator and diversity in education.  I will download pages from the book tonight when I come back in from work.