Leadership Discussion CJC

Respond to the following student responses provided based on the following Prompts (Each Response should be 137 words)

Prompt 1
As women have gained legal rights inside and outside marriage and made significant gains in the labor market, are Gilmans arguments about married womens economic exploitation still relevant? If so, in what ways? If not, explain what has changed from Gilman’s time to the present.

Student Response (Jaylyn)
There is still differences between between men and women, so yes some of the argument s are still relevant. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the mens and womens differences during the March madness tournament. The mens teams were given better food, a bigger and better weight room, as well as better gear was received. On the other hand the women received one set of weights and some yoga mats, food that did not look appetizing, and less gear. The womens teams put in just as much work and could not receive a decent meal by a nonprofit organization. Since it has been put out the situation has since been improved but why did it take the womens players putting it out on social media to receive half of the treatment the mens player had.

Student Response (Megan)
Yes, I believe Gilmans arguments about married womens economic exploitation are still relevant. While women have made leaps and bounds in their legal rights inside and outside marriage and in the labor market, except we are still not treated as equal human beings. Women are still treated as a commodity. Women and children are the most humans trafficked. Arranged marriage, child marriage, and body modifications of women are still practiced today. In many societies, women do not have the rights that women in America have. Women are raped, murdered, sexually assaulted but their attackers are barely held accountable, and yet, when a woman does report the abuse she is questioned, and the victim blamed for the assault. While women have greater rights inside a marriage, there are still women in many societies that are still at the mercy of her husband.  Women still have a long way to be equal human beings in America and in other societies.