Leadership Videos

1. Leadership Styles: Geese, Eagles and Turkeys 2011 People Coaching Works (6:13)

2. Itay Talgam: Lead Like the Great Conductors 2009 TED Talk (23:23)

3. John Edward Hasse: Leadership Lessons from the Jazz Masters 2013 Collaborative Agency (10:50)

4. CEO: Define a Unified Set of Leadership Behaviors- Amgen – Kevin Sharer 2013 IBM Consulting (3:08)

5. Situational Leadership 2015 Cassandra Vara University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (8:32)

6. How to Make Millennials want to Work for You 2015 TEDx Talks (8:40)

Considering the weekly readings, videos, lectures and your own life experiences, what leadership style would be most useful to a leader in the following positions:

-College president
-Police chief
-President of a small nonprofit corporation
-CEO of a technology firm
-High school principal

Explain your answers. Considering your career and life experiences, reflect on the leadership styles have you have observed, and which you prefer. Do demographic characteristics affect employees receptivity to certain leadership behaviors and preferences for a particular leadership style? Why?

The above video can all be found on youtube.