Job Attitudes: A Crisis in Nursing

Read article and answer the following questions :

Discussion Questions

1.    How have the changes Los Rayos made affecting nurses attitudes? What problems to the business may poor nurse attitudes cause?

2.    Which of the job attitudes from the chapter do you feel is the biggest contributor to nurse turnover? The smallest contributor? Why do you think so?

3.    Los Rayos has tried to make the nurses jobs more rewarding by allowing them to be creative and have input into the organization (the CE trainings they have to develop and the cost saving ideas they have to put forth). However, the nurses do not perceive these additional duties to be a form of empowerment as intended. A) What can Los Rayos do to correct this misperception? B) What would have been a better way to engage nurses (and other staff) to help with the organizations issues (increasing costs, lower revenues, less than ideal patient satisfaction, and increasing government regulation)?