its a speech not an essay so I need to present that

Choose any theme that its happening now

We are here!! We have been working towards this day since the beginning of the semester by:

Related imagecreating muscle memory for delivery and organization (minor speeches),
Related imagewriting exercises for claims, for our body (main points and evidences) of our speeches, and
Related imagegetting peer critiques from our classmates to improve our content.
Young woman presenting
Persuasive Major Speech

As previously discussed earlier this semester, this speech will be a persuasive speech; a speech that changes the audiences values, beliefs, opinions, and/or behaviors on a topic. The purpose will be to influence the audience to move toward and/or accept your
fact claim or,
value claim or
policy claim.
Students will choose a current event (from local to global).

The format for this speech is the 3 main point, extemporaneous outline, APA reference page (2 minimum references).  Current events are important events that are happening, have recently happened, or are about to happen.  A current event is different than a current issue.  Homelessness is a current issue; a federal grant awarded to the City of Long Beach to provide resources for the homeless is a current event.  Current events have very specific “W’s” (Who, What, When, Where, Why).

(Students should aim for 3 min and 30 seconds to be safe.)

Options for Recording for Presentation
Record Using Screen Share and Camera (We will see your screen and you) :
You can use any recording or conferencing system to record this–you will be in a split screen, or toggle from you the speaker and the screen for your visual aid/slide presentation. You will be standing and recording from the knees and higher at minimum. You may have to try to record a practice session or two to get the hang of it.
A few program/app examples are Studio, Google Hang Outs (Links to an external site.), Skype (Links to an external site.), OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) (Links to an external site.) or Zoom (Links to an external site.)
For Google HangOuts you will need a 3rd party app to record the video call though. This website explains how to do that easily, as well as identifies free apps and programs to do that: Air More (Record Google) (Links to an external site.)
OBS can work with Google Slides which looks GREAT, check out this video that explains how
Live Streaming multiple video users and shared screens (Links to an external site.)

You can record you the speaker SOLELY with your Visual Aid next to you;
Here you would record you delivering your presentation from the waist up minimum using one personal device hardware (like your cellphone or tablet), and while presenting you would use another device to show your visual aid, or use a photograph/printed image, chart, posterboard, chalkboard (if you have chalk paint even), etc. and you using your visual aid (remember to zoom in to see it and then back out to the waist up)
You could then upload to YouTube, Vinmeo, et al and create a shareable link to submit.
You could record yourself directly from YouTube, Vinmeo, Studio, Screencast-o-matic, et al and create a shareable link to submit.
Screencast-o-matic (Links to an external site.), is a free and fee based program where you can record and share your recordings (it is VERY easy/simple to use); you will have a link that you will share as your submission (be sure to make it public so that whoever has the link–like me–is able to view your video), or can upgrade for a small fee to edit and use the advanced features.
Studio is an upgraded version of this app
If you know of another way to record your presentation and screen, feel free to reach out to me and see if that would work. I am open to collaboration, and making this as simple as possible. These above process are outlined to make this as easy as possible for everyone to complete the assignment and without learning or doing several extra steps.

Shareable Link of the Video Recording Of your Presentation
You have many programs and options to choose from to record your speech. (You can copy the URL and paste in your outline.)
FINAL Extemporaneous Speech Outline
This should be modified from your 1st draft, or 2nd Draft if you did the optional one.
APA “References” Page
(minimum 3 references, from a journal, magazine, newspaper article or book ONLY)
**Reminder to use a VISUAL AID(S) [in the BODY] for your speech.**

Assignment will be graded on

content (organization, language, use of support and sources)
visual aid (visible, large enough, explained, simple, used in the Body),
delivery (attire, nonverbal communication-gestures, stance, vocalics–rate, pitch, volume, vocal variety)
recording (lighting, sound, environment),
preparation (time of speech, format, meets deadline), and
your submission of the presentation packet (see above list).
Tip: Refer to each corresponding chapter for review of information (e.g., Delivery —> Ch. 13)

Just a Reminder Post it Note
Dress Business Professional
Check your staging background, lighting (anything that can be distracting); prepare your space
Have a Visual Aid for your Speech
Submit EARLY in case there are technology issues.
late work isn’t accepted
UNLESS it is an excused absence
(medical emergency, funeral, etc. with proper documentation)
Submit packet in one submission ,
(rather than separate submissions; it will delete your previous submission)
Do”dry”runs and dress rehearsals–for the speech and technology
You do not have to submit your first recording; and/or you can replace your original submission as many times before the due date)
Re-record if it is needed–whether technology or use 🙂 take advantage of having to record
Remember 3-4mins minimum per person
Time your presentation from start to finish, with the visual aid as well.
Have a charger nearby in case of low battery on your recording device.

its a speech not an essay so I need to present that
its a speech not an essay so I need to present that
its a speech not an essay so I need to present that
its a speech not an essay so I need to present that
its a speech not an essay so I need to present that