For this assignment, you will chose three movies that cover three different developmental stages.

Movie 1-Your first movie should depict development in the age range of birth to age 12
Movie 2- Your second movie should depict development in the age range from 13-40
Movie 3- Your last movie should depict development in the age range of 40-death.
*Keep in mind that some films will actually depict development from more than one period. If this is the case, explain the overlap in your summary of the film.

List of approved movies per developmental period:

Birth to age 12:

Bridge to Terabitha
Babies (documentary)
Stand by Me
Look Whos Talking
Ages 13-40

Forrest Gump
Mean Girls
The Breakfast Club
Joy Luck Club
Thelma and Louise
Sixteen Candles
Ages 40-Death

As Good as It Gets
Joy Luck Club
Steele Magnolias
On Golden Pond
The Bucket List
**Movies not on this list may be approved by your instructor during the first week of class.

Directions (Completed across previous units)
Your first step will be to research each developmental period. In addition to your text, you should use
one peer reviewed article
one magazine/newspaper article that has been published in the last five years.
Give a summary of that developmental period that is applicable to your movie choice. Use your text and research. Your summary should include:
one physical milestone/concept/theory,
one cognitive milestone/concept/theory
one psychosocial milestone/concept/theory.
For each movie you chose, explain in detail how the movie depicts the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial milestone/concept/theory. Give details about the characters behaviors that are specific examples of the milestones/concepts/theories.
Compare and contrast how development is depicted in film, as compared to your research using the text, scholarly articles, and magazine/newspaper articles. What do you believe the impact of these similarities and differences is on society in general?
Be sure and address the following to consider when completing these sections:

Use developmental terminology throughout your document to describe behaviors and concepts.
Is the development depicted in the movie typical? Why or why not? Support your answer with the research you have done.
What factors contributed to the depiction of the characters development (i.e., class, culture, ethnicity, religion, historical location, personality, parenting/attachment styles, social location, life events, etc.)?
Submit  your paper in APA format, with a cover page, abstract page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.

During each unit, you will submit assignments and receive feedback regarding a description and analysis of the three movies which span various developmental periods. The Core Assessment is largely synthesizing these depictions of development,  analysis of developmental concepts, and theoretical application, along with your instructors feedback together into a paper, creating a comprehensive document.

For this Unit
Your final paper should be organized in the following parts/ sections:

Cover Page


Introduce the films you watched, identify the developmental period each film covers, and state your thesis.

Developmental Periods

Birth to 12 years (Movie 1)
Thirteen to 40 years (Movie 2)
Forty to death (Movie 3)
Use the information from your unit assignments (be sure to incorporate feedback from your instructor to make it stronger). Be sure to present your summary of at least one physical, cognitive, and psychosocial milestone/concept/theory based youre your text, at least one peer reviewed journal, and at least one magazine/newspaper article from the last 10 years.  You should give specific examples of how these milestones/concepts/theories are depicted by the characters in the movie, and include any factors that may have affected this development. 

Impact on Society

This section should include a comparison of the ways in which development is depicted in film versus your research. What impact do you believe that has on society in general, when it comes to beliefs and attitudes about lifespan development?

Be sure to include a conclusion as your final paragraph.

The body of your paper should be no less than 10 pages in length (not including your cover page, abstract page, and reference page) and is due at the scheduled due date.