International Workforce

There are times when staffing for an international assignment presents challenges for the HR department. Of course, there are also great advantages as wellin most cases, balance is a key term in that each advantage brings its share of challenges. This week we have conversed about the creation of an international workforce, which is a strategy that even domestic organizations are trying to attain. Given these ambitions, address the following:

We have learned of several criteria to consider when selecting an employee for an international assignment (IA), including technical ability, cultural adaptability, and personality characteristics. Present and evaluate the various criteria that should be considered to determine the best person for an international assignment.
Discuss the primary reasons an international assignment may succeed, why it may fail, and the role that human resources can play to best enable an international assignment to be successful. In this discussion, offer the strategy or process that human resources should consider when managing international assignments.
Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and conform to APA guidelines