International Diversity Profile

In this unit, we have focused on the thoughts and behaviors of diversity and inclusion in the U.S. and around the world. Examine the trends of thoughts and behaviors of diversity and inclusion for
a specific country. You will choose one country or region of the world and determine the current state of diversity in its
companies and also focus on the recent trends in the thoughts and beliefs regarding diversity and inclusion among the
citizens of the country or region. Specifically, your research and analysis should include the following content areas:
1. Opportunities from Diversity: How diverse is the country/region? What are facts and trends for the country/region?
2. Challenges of Diversity: How has the country/region become more diverse? What resistance was there for diversity
and inclusion?
3. Best Practices: What paths have the country/region taken to become diverse? If none, why are they resisting diversity
and inclusion? How do company leaders in your chosen country/region view diversity and inclusion?
4. Regional Characteristics: What specific diversity and inclusion characteristics are found in your region/country?
5. Conclusion: What can the rest of the world learn from your country/region regarding diversity and inclusion (positive
and negative)?
Using the Required Unit Resources and the Suggested Unit Resources for Unit III and also conducting your own research
using the Waldorf Online Library on the topic, you will complete a three-page research activity on your chosen
country/region. Your submission should also include at least two scholarly sources (include at least one new scholarly
source that is not found in this unit). The sources that you use should be current (5 years or newer) to ensure that the
updated information on the countrys diversity and inclusion are discussed.

Video Resource:
RBC. (2018, June 13) To speak up for inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion [Video]. YouTube.