International business

For your paper, develop an 8-to-10-page case study based on Ch 5 and the associated case.

The case should be about an African or South American company that is located in Africa, South America or any part of the world. The case should be about their strategic management; however, you may discuss institutional context, national/ethnic and organizational cultures, and other relevant topics that affect the companys international management strategy. You may also highlight the founders of the company, if necessary. The company may be small, medium or large.

Use the Harley-Davidson case as guide and ensure that the case is concerned with the topic discussed in chapter 5.

Key Takeaways

Write a case about the strategic management of company of your choice.
Stretch your knowledge of strategic management in the global context.
Key Tasks

Read Chapter 5 and the associated case.
Develop a detailed case study about the strategic management in the global context of a firm. Develop a case study STRICTLY based on Ch 5. Read Ch 5 case to get ideas of what to write about and use it as a guide but your subheadings may be different since you are writing about another company (not Harley-Davidson). Be sure to discuss and reference specific strategies, pages and/or figures that are guiding you from Ch 5. Your case study must be ORIGINAL. It can be about a company you have researched or a family business. It can be about a local business (in Africa or South America) that is going global or is already global. You must come up with relevant headings and subheadings for the case.

The number of pages: 8-10 pages, single-spacing, 12 point (references in APA format, tables, figures, names and titles are NOT included, and should start after the case narrative). DO NOT PLAGIARIZE OR COPY FROM AN EXISTING CASE.