Internal Applications of Public Administration

When a public administrator is hired, he/she is typically hired due to outstanding skills and experience along with other factors such as attitude, achievements and leadership style. In many instances public administrators hold a variety of skills that may be different from the private sector.

Assignment Guidelines

In this assignment you will locate a recent article or news release regarding the hiring of a public administrator at any local government organization. You will discover the real-life skills, experience and traits of public administrators at the local level.

Task: Please use at least one local online or print news source and /or a press release from the hiring government agency. In your own words write 3-4 pages in which you will:

    Identify the position that was filled;
    List the reason for the vacancy;
    Disclose the person that was selected/hired, including listing their professional background, education and previous employment;
    Discuss how the person was selected, for example was the hiring decision made with public input (a citizens panel, a Board, or committee) or was the decision made without public input?
    What are the professional or personal goals of the person who was hired?
    Next, briefly describe the position salary and benefits.
    Remember to support all of your arguments with scholarly resources.
    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Assignment TIPS: Several new hire positions you might want to look for, a new City Manager, Fire or Police Chief, or new department head (Parks Dir. Library Dir. etc.) at a city. Or a new school principal, coordinator, or superintendent at a school district. A simple internet search for phrases such as list of new city managers, new police chief or Q&A with new city manager or similar search will yield good results.

Specific Assignment Resources:

Careers In Government, Executive Recruiters, A directory of executive search firms specializing in Public Administration positions,

Bloomington Penagraph, A Q&A with Bloomington’s new city manager, 2018.