Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

You will have to develop an IMC plan for an actual organization. Each student will prepare a written report. Grading will be based on the followingrubric. Papers are not to exceed 15 double spaced pages excluding exhibits.

IMC Plan Includes:

Executive Summary (The executive summary should include a concise statement of the problem, a short summary of the major points arising from your analysis, and the major recommendations from your analysis including total cost of the proposed plan).

Introduction [Why are we doing this project?  Why should we invest our resources in this project rather than other activities in the organization?]

Situation Analysis
    Company, Industry, and Product History (product history, past promotions themes)

    Significant environmental (legal, social, economic, technological) influences.

    Current Brand SWOT (including problems and unique features of the brand).

    Relevant Marketing Data (Sales, Market Share, etc)

    Product Evaluation (Comparison to direct and indirect Competition in terms of how do customers
perceive the different brands in the market, their creative themes and marketing efforts and the product features)

    Consumer Evaluation including Demographic Profile (occupation, marital status, education, age, gender, etc),  Psychographic Profile (VALS Values and Lifestyle), and  Behavioral Profile (consumption level and situation, where is it used, attitude toward product, loyalty).

The IMC Objectives (SMART objectives)  Be sure to consider the AIDA model when selecting objectives.

Market Segments and Target Market Which of the market segments will be the target market for this campaign? (Demographics, Psychographics, Behavioral, Buying Situation)

Brand Positioning Strategy (How you want the customers to perceive on you in relation to the competition)

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition). It should be ONLY ONE USP; Make a proposition (offer) to the consumer.

The Creative Strategy  Based on USP.  Promotional Appeal (Rational vs. Emotional). Execution Technique (Factual Message, Comparison, Slice of Life, Fantasy, etc).

The IMC / Promotional Mix  Advertising,  Packaging, Direct Marketing, PR, Personal selling and e-communications, Sales Promotions, Exhibitions and Trade Shows, Sponsorship

Promotional Schedule Consider the following: Threshold Effects, Diminishing Returns, Carryover Effects, Wear-Out Effects, Decay Effects, Random Events

The Promotion Budget  Realistic number and method for reaching that number: Affordable method, Percentage of sales, Competitive promotion budgeting, Objectives and tasks.  How will the money be allocated?

Monitor, Implementation, and Evaluation  How will you know if you have accomplished the stated objective?  How will the plan be implemented?

Also I attached a copy of an Example of an IMC Plan