Innovation Management

The city of AnyTown, USA has hired you as one of four interns to support the City Manager in setting up a management system to achieve the citys Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Knowing that you have had recent training in Innovation Management, as a preliminary assignment, one morning the City Manager asks you to select one of the 17 United Nationals SD goals ( and to propose an innovation approach for the city to consider in order to achieve the selected goal.

Your input will be used as part of a briefing that the City Manager will give the Mayor and City Council in the afternoon of that same day, regarding AnyTowns sustainability efforts.

The City Manager understands that you are not an expert in any of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.  Hence, he does not want you to conduct any complex research to answer this question, nor to make an actual strategy recommendation (you do not have time for that).

You may use what you have learned while listening to books presentations in your Innovation Management class, regarding various technologies of potential interest.

The City Manager is essentially interested in checking how well you know the process, key methods and tools and concepts, and that you would be able to apply them.

Recognizing that your performance during this 3-month project may lead to full-time employment you want to make a great with this first assignment.



Your paper should be approximately 3 pages single-spaced, and the font should be Arial size 11. More pages are acceptable, if needed. Diagrams, tables, or other visual content are not accepted.


In addition to providing your responses to these questions, it is essential that you demonstrate your knowledge of the course material, vocabulary, and methodologies that you have learned during the course. The primary assessment criteria are:

1.    Demonstrated grasp of the key concepts/topics: Have they been described accurately so other people would have an adequate understanding

2.    Situational Context: Have the concepts/topics been described in the context of the company being researched, using specific examples to illustrate either how they were utilized or to highlight why they may not apply.

3.    Comprehensive Approach to Innovation Management: Clearly articulated how key concepts have been combined to form the overall strategy for the company you are researching and/or highlighted gaps in company strategy where unused key concepts may have helped. Include specific examples.