Information Security Risk Management Plan: OCTAVE Allegro Method

This project provides an opportunity to apply competencies in the area of risk management. Such skill is essential in preparing future information security professionals. The project will have to be developed to provide a risk management strategy for ABC Technologies using OCTAVE Allegro methodology.
A short description of the case study, ABC Technologies. A clear and concise summary of the
document that sets its goals.
Risk Management Exercise
A specific requirement is to fill in the following worksheets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (optional), 6 (if
applicable), 7, 8, 9a, 9b, 9c and 10.
Provide justifications of your choices in worksheets 1-7. Base your justifications on research.
You are required to provide at least 3 references per worksheet (but place them in a separate
section References/Bibliography Table.
In worksheet 8, you are required to identify only 1 critical asset of ABC Technologies.
Only one area of concern is required to be identified in worksheet 10.
Treatment Plan
Based on the Relative Risk Score, you will need to develop a treatment plan for ABC
Technologies. Use the results of risk assessment conducted, your own expertise/experience,
and ISO/IEC 27002 standard.
Clear inferences based on the research/risk management exercise conducted.
Include references in a separate section using Harvard style in text and in
References/Bibliography Table section.
Formatting and writing requirements
    Microsoft Word
    Consistent font, indentation, spacing and other formatting aspects throughout the
    document (suggestion: Times New Roman 12 point with 1.5 spacing)
    Logical structure, including headings (sub-headings if necessary)
    Title page and Table of Contents
    Page numbers
    No word limits