Informal play review

List of plays will be uploaded!

You will be focusing on four actors and at least three specific examples of their acting. Be concrete and specific in your detail.

There are a couple of plays with three or fewer actors. There’s a one-person show, too. In such a case, just mention more examples of what the actor(s) does/do. For example, if there are only three actors in the play, comment of four specific things each does. Two actors, six things. One actor, twelve things.
The specifics of what your observing and addressing are critical. You are NOT commenting on WHAT is said, but on HOW it is said by the actors. Their timing, volume, fluctuation in voice, pronunciation of speech, facial expression, physical gestures, bigger physical actions, moments of silence/pauses. MOREVER, what did these examples make you feel about the character? What “inner life”/thoughts/”backstory” is presented with the actors’ interpretations?

If you see/hear “over-acting” or “under-acting”, chances are you won’t feel anything about the character; you’ll just feel “this is plain bad!”. But be specific at what was done to make the moments “not real”. Also, attempt to explain what you think the actor was trying to get/do with their particular style of acting you find so “blah!”.