Individual Self-Assessment Report

Individual Self-Assessment Report

The textbook includes online assessments that will help you understand yourself as an individual, team player, and leader.  You are to take 3 of these assessments in .  Specifically, you are to write about the Core Five personality traits (required for everyone) and take 2 additional assessments out of the following:

Emotional Intelligence

Team development behaviors

Communicating supportively

Strategies for handling conflict

You will write a paper in which you will:

  1. Discuss the exact results (provide both the number/rating and category) of each assessment and what the results mean (interpret the results).  You should then discuss whether you believe these results accurately reflect you and explain why or why not.
  2. Analyze how these results (make sure to discuss all assessments) can lead to different strengths and weaknesses as a) an individual contributor in a company, b) as a team player, c) as a leader.  Make sure to discuss all of the assessments.
  3. Provide a plan of action on how you want to improve on the weaknesses or maintain your current traits and skills.

The goal of this paper is to truly help you understand yourself.  Do not cheat yourself of the value of this project by doing it last minute.  One of the biggest shortfalls of individuals in the workplace is a lack of self-awareness of who they are and what they bring to the tables as well as what they could work on improving.

Points will be deducted if I am unable to understand your paper because of grammar/typos/spelling mistakes.  If I cannot understand the paper at all, it will result in an F.  I strongly suggest that you either go to the writing center or have someone else read it and make sure the message/writing is clear and correct.